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At the Wass Group our core belief is that you hold the ability to drive change in the palm of your hand. Every single person has the power and skills to make the world a better place and to live the life of your dreams. We all have a duty to use every ounce of our creative energy and internal drive, to produce global change that benefits everyone. We drive change every day, and inspire others to do the same by collaborating with a growing international network of people who are all on the same path. Moving forward together is our greatest strength.

The Wass Group Inc. is owned and run by Caroline Nyberg Wass and Niklas Wass. The company is based in Sweden, with initiatives, clients, and collaborations spread all over the world.

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Through the Wass Group you can join the Next Generations of Leaders – a global network of leaders and business owners with whom the Wass Group are successfully collaborating. The business is in the global health industry in a US based company with over 40 years of success. The business model is Network Marketing, the future way of doing business. Contact Caroline Nyberg Wass to know more about this opportunity.


The Great Listening (TGL) is a global movement for everyone who wants to change the world by civil dialogue. It’s a tool to create venues and events where people, organizations, corporations, NGO’s and politicians can gather to start listening to each other, to exchange ideas and experiences or find new solutions that can spark change and growth. It’s the peoples platform. Visit to involve.

Senior Advisory

The Wass Group offers Senior Advisory to a select group of businesses organizations and NGOs. When we partner with elite leaders in their fields, we share our inspirational knowledge of the public and private sectors, as well as the wide-ranging brief of international affairs. Our aim is to ignite change at the highest levels.


Niklas Wass do motivational speaking for individuals as well as teams, businesses or organizations. The show will help you break free by finding your inner creativity and spark change and growth. It´s releasing, tough and empowering. Lots of love, fun and energy. No one leaves untouched. Visit for bookings and tickets.