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At the Wass Group our core belief is that you hold the ability to drive change in the palm of your hand. Every single person has the power and skills to make the world a better place and to live the life of your dreams. We all have a duty to use every ounce of our creative energy and internal drive, to produce global change that benefits everyone. We drive change every day, and inspire others to do the same by collaborating with a growing international network of people who are all on the same path. Moving forward together is our greatest strength.

The Wass Group is owned and run by Caroline and Niklas Wass, partners in business, partners in life. The company is based in Sweden, with initiatives, clients, and collaborations spread all over the world. We run our business and live our life by seven key principles:
1. Share and contribute to make the world a better place. 2. Inspire and empower others to make positive change. 3. Grow as human beings by being open-minded to self-improvement. 4. Do everything with the best of intentions, and remove all negative thinking. 5. Surround ourselves with positive people who are walking the same path. 6. Live a healthy, wealthy and happy life. 7. Be fantastic parents to our children, and great partners to one another.

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Network Marketing

Are you looking for an opportunity to change your lifestyle, increase your income or start a new business? Through the Wass Group you can join the Next Generations of Leaders – a global network of leaders and business owners with whom the Wass Group are successfully collaborating. It may well be the tool you need to reach your goals.

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The Great Listening

The Great Listening (TGL) is a global concept for everyone who is a listener with ideas. It’s a tool to create venues and events where people, organizations, corporations, NGO’s and politicians can gather to start listen to each other, to exchange ideas and experiences or find new solutions that can spark change and growth. TGL is inspired by The Almedalen Week in Sweden.

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Creative & Senior Advisory

The Wass Group can help inspire creativity in a select group of businesses organizations and NGOs. When we partner with elite leaders in their fields, we share our inspirational knowledge of the public and private sectors, as well as the wide-ranging brief of international affairs. Our aim is to ignite creativity at the highest levels.

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Motivational Speaking

Are you looking to get inspired and get up off your ass? Niklas Wass do motivational speaking for individuals as well as teams, businesses or oraganizations. The show will help you break free by finding your inner creativity and by reclaiming your brain. It´s releasing, tough and empowering. Lots of love, fun and energy. No one leaves untouched.

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Niklas Wass

Creative Advisor & Speaker

Fear nothing. Be the change. Now.

Niklas is a true creative, with a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset. He is determined to change the world through his thoughts and actions. As a man who has always believed that you should walk your own path, Niklas wants to inspire others to do the same, and in so doing, promote positivity and energy across the planet.


Niklas is always in a state of change, always forging a new perspective and always outspoken and fearless. He is creating ideas and change, whilst initiating new businesses, projects or collaborations with other like-minded people. He has developed a global network of like-minded people to help spread his entrepreneurial spirit and for matching people with opportunities.

Niklas’ gift is his ability to helping others to understand how they can drive positive change in their own lives, in their business and how to be a force of good in the world.

As an Advisor and Coach to politicians, senior decision makers and business owners Niklas share his inspirational knowledge, his ideas and his international network with the aim to ignite growth, change and creativity at the highest levels.

Niklas will help you break free by finding your inner creativity. This has been key to Niklas throughout his life, and he is passionate and determined in his mission to allow everyone else do the same.

As a Motivational Speaker Niklas has developed powerful public speaking style.
It´s releasing, tough and empowering. Lots of love, fun and energy. No one leaves untouched. This enables him to connect with audiences and individuals to spread positivity, energy and change.

Born in 1971

Father of four

A keen Harley Davidson rider, and founder of the MC Club Nocumentum Nomadis

Owns a Grand Danois named Aslan

Loves the USA, and is known stateside as “Nic the Swede”

Honorable Citizen of Austin, Texas

Caroline have a gift for being able to see the bigger picture, reading people and seeing their opportunities, and putting things in perspective. This enables her to find synergies between different lines of thinking, and to discover new creative and strategic ideas. This is essential for providing insights into how businesses and individuals can grow and prosper.

Caroline’s background is in leadership and development, she has worked extensively in a senior advisory capacity in the fields of communications and political strategy with a vast array of businesses and NGOs. A passionate advocate of training and self-improvement, Caroline has pursued her academic interests in parallel and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Caroline is a networker to the core and a passionate connector. By putting people and businesses in touch with the people they need in their lives, she creates sparks of creativity and innovation, all helping to propel the world to a better place. By utilizing her talent for working with people and cultivating great relationships, she is creating a rapidly expanding international network of people, businesses, and organizations across the globe.

Caroline mentor individuals and business owners who want to change their lifestyle, health and business, all to lift people to new heights and to guide them along the right path. To mentor and coach you through the barriers that are holding you back in life, Caroline will help you foster a sense of identity by helping you discover your own inner leader.

She will see the potential you do not see yourself and together you will go beyond your own image and the perceptions of your current situation or business. You will work together to set your goals and work to achieve them, and set you up with the tools you need. The toughest part is that Caroline will not do the work for you, that comes from you.

Born 1973

Mother and guardian of four

Enjoys interior design and antique collecting

Keen harness racer and owner of three horses: Anja, Classe and Minna

Caroline Nyberg Wass

Business Mentor & Speaker

Let’s make change together!

Caroline is an energetic and open-minded Business Mentor and a passionate connector of people. She is an expert in establishing connections between seemingly disparate people, delivering opportunities, and has built a global network of people, all pulling in the same direction to reach a common destination. To change the world for the good of everyone!